WIT 15th Anniversary Superlatives

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Ladies and gentlemen! Here are the winners of the WIT 15th Anniversary superlatives! If you weren't able to make a donation to celebrate WIT's 15th anniversary, you can do so at the bottom of this page.


Homecoming King and Queen: Mark Chalfant and Laura Spadanuta
Most likely to break in a scene: Jordana Mishory (runner-up: Xavier Hernandez)
Most likely to be in multiple shows on the same night: Tom Achilles (runner-up: Kate Symes)
Biggest improv nerd: John Windmueller (runner-up: Michael Bird)
Best dressed: Aaron Mosby (runner-up: Greg Tindale)
Most physical performer: Chris Ulrich (runner-up: Michael Bird)
Plays the craziest characters: Murphy McHugh (runner-up: Chris Ulrich)
Most recognizable laugh: Nancy Safavi (runner-up: Katie McDermott)
Most charming: Charles St. Charles (runner-up: Chris Ulrich)
Best hair: Justus Hammond (runners-up: Greg Tindale and Mark Chalfant)
Cutest couple: Joe Uchno and Greer Smith (runners-up: Bri Lux and Jamal Newman)


And the write-in votes...


  • Abby Gustafson: Sexiest Characters
  • Abe Woycke: Best use of character monologues
  • Bagelz & Jam: Best Jam
  • Beth Cartier: Most Far Commute but Closest to our Hearts.
  • Bri Lux: Best Listmaker
  • Bri Lux: Most Likely to "like" a Facebook Status Immediately After Posting
  • Bri Lux: Sweetest
  • Caroline Chen: Most Passionate Characters
  • Catherine Deadman and Lizzie Nolan: Best Accents
  • Catherine Deadman: Most committed in performance
  • Charles St. Charles: Best Name
  • Charles St. Charles: Best use of the same name and multiple dress shirts
  • Charles St. Charles: Favorite Charles
  • Charles St. Charles: Most Likely to Throw in a Cornball Line
  • Charles St. Charles: Sexiest Man Alive.
  • Coonoor Behal: Most willing to go blue without flinching
  • Curtis Raye: Best Alumni
  • Dan Miller, Melanie Harker, Dan Milliken: Most fun to work with
  • Dan Miller: Best Taste in Music
  • Dan Miller: Coach with the most
  • Dan Miller: Darkest characters
  • Dan Miller: Most Likely to be a Ghost
  • Dan Miller: Nicest Serial Killer
  • Dan Milliken: Most hilarious opening line-giver
  • Elise Webb: Best Hair Color, Shoes, and Old Lady Voices
  • Eva Lewis: Best facial Expressions
  • Eva Lewis: Most chill
  • Eva Lewis: Most Fun to Play With
  • Gabe Peyton: Most Humble
  • Gabe Peyton: Most hyper
  • Ian Farley: Best all around great guy
  • Ian Farley: Best object work
  • Ian Farley: Nicest Guy
  • iMusical:Most Consistently Great Show
  • Isabel Galbraith: Most Adorable
  • Jamie Bingner: Best Teacher
  • Jamie Bingner: Most Supportive Player
  • Jamie Bingner: Nicest
  • Jason Walther: Nicest Human Ever
  • JC Calcerano: Best Teacher (Character Class)
  • Jeff Hughes: Best Dancer
  • Joe Randazzo: Most Convincing 'F**k You' and 'I love you' in a Brooklyn accent
  • Joe Randazzo: Most Meta
  • Joe Uchno: Most likely to look like he's in pain, even though he really likes what he's seeing
  • John Windmueller: Best Ninja
  • Jon Chesebro aka Juan Queso: Best Rapper Name
  • Jules Duffy: Smartest Improviser
  • Julia Rocchi: Most Unexpected Silliness
  • Justin Purvis (The Bannermen): Best New Experimental Concept Show
  • Justin Purvis: Most likely to have been in your troupe at least once
  • Justus Hammond: Most Likely to Have a Knife in Their Pocket
  • Kate Symes: Most Likely to be looking for parking
  • Laura Spadanuta: Too Funny
  • Lisa Kays: Chillest, ill-est Rapper
  • Macey Schiff: Best N00b (Student)
  • Mark Chalfant: Bluest Eyes
  • Mark Chalfant: Most time spent on improv-related e-mails
  • Matt Berman: Most supportive improviser (aka "Best yes-ander")
  • Matt Winterhalter: Best Justifications
  • Melanie Harker: Best Improv Kitten
  • Mikael Johnson: Sexiest Improviser
  • Mikael Johnson: Best Actor
  • Mikael Johnson: Curveball King
  • Mikael Johnson: Recipient of the most improv crushes
  • Mike Culuch: Most actual facts states in a scene
  • Murphy McHugh: Most Likely to be a Genius
  • Pete Bergen (Chinese Menu): Best Mash-up Show
  • Pete Bergen: Most Likely to Wipe a Scene after One Line
  • Pete Bergen: MVP of the indie community
  • Reaves McElveen: Best group game initiator
  • Satish Pillalamarri: Chillest, ill-est Rapper
  • Sean Paul Ellis: Most convincing crier
  • Seth Arenstein: Best Lights
  • Shawn Westfall: Most Sexual Public Descriptions of Mikael Johnson
  • Sophia Cai: Least likely to break in a scene
  • Sophia Cai: Most Supportive
  • Stephanie Anderson: DC ex-pat you miss the most
  • Taylor Edwards and Pedro Alcocer: The 2013 Brian Byrne Memorial Award for Spending the Most Time at Improv Shows
  • Taylor Edwards: Best N00b (Harold Team)
  • Taylor Edwards: Most Ambitious
  • Tom Achilles:Quickest brain
  • Topher Bellavia: Best Ninja
  • Xavier and Tom Achilles: Best Male Duo
  • Xavier Hernandez: Most Joyful


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