It's WIT's 15th anniversary!

Give a donation to help us ring in the next phase of improv in D.C.

WIT isn't just the home of long-form improv in D.C. -- it's a friendly and creative community where Washingtonians meet new friends and break through personal barriers practicing an exciting art form.

Over the past decade and a half, Washington Improv Theater has grown immensely. From holding tiny productions held in church basements in the late nineties to performing full-scale productions in front of 10,000 audience members per year, we've come a long way together.

Help us lay the foundation for the next 15 years. Give $15 to become a WIT Citizen, $150 to become a WIT Ally or $1,500 to be come a WIT Visionary. Or give whatever amount you think you can to support WIT and our mission.

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