Sarah Flocken is Pounding the Pavement for Washington Improv Theater!

"I'm sacrificing my upcoming half-marathon playlist for the sake of improv in Washington, D.C. What will you put on my running mix?"

Sarah Flocken will run the Nike Women's Half Marathon on Sunday, April 27th, 2014 (her fourth half marathon). She's hoping to raise $2,500 for Washington Improv Theater -- the District's premier venue for longform improv performances and classes. Sarah's been involved with WIT for a long time as both a student and a performer.

Wanna help support Sarah on her run? Donate through this page and you can sponsor her running playlist. Here's how it works (in Sarah's own words):

I'm a music snob who's usually very picky about the music I listen to when I run (even if a lot of it is angry punk rock/indietronica/trashy pop songs), but for WIT's sake, I will allow the public to determine what I listen to all 13.1 miles of this race. I need 100 songs for a comfortable half marathon playlist, and for a modest fee, you can dictate one or more of the songs I will put on this playlist. $25 buys you one song I must listen to on this run. You may obviously buy more than one song. These songs can be samples of your own running playlists, stuff you really think I need to hear, or really sadistic attacks on my eardrums (think Nickelback).

Extra special bonus: Thanks to a grant from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, every dollar you donate will be doubled! That means if Sarah reaches her $2,500 goal, WIT will get $5,000! As if you needed any more motivation, support Sarah and WIT today!

Check out the playlist so far at

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